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JANUARY 21st - Noon - 2pm 


Confidence After Divorce 
Divorce is one of the most emotionally draining periods in anyone's life, with feelings of insecurity and a deep lack of confidence being dominant in your thought process. As you look at your friends that are married or you see your ex with someone else, your emotions come to the forefront of your mind and typically turn negative, as if all the insecurities that you have had in the past are now at the surface and you feel raw and alone. How could you possibly even think about dating?

Maybe you have convinced yourself that you are always going to be alone, that you don’t deserve to be happy or maybe you have even started to separate your self from friends and loved ones. The good news is that these feelings don’t have to last forever and you can be happy again. Dating is an option for you, you are not just stuck to online encounters that don’t work out, you are not destined to be alone.

During our sessions you will learn how to feel better about yourself, get your confidence back, get back to that ideal version of you that seems to have been lost through all the heartache and get yourself in the position where you feel good enough about yourself to know who to bring in to your life and who to attract.

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