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Do you want to be able to offer your clients more services as a therapist?


Are you interested in the power of hypnosis?


Are you looking to change your career?


We have the course for you!

Becoming a National Guild of Hypnotists certified hypnotist is the answer you are looking for to enhance your practice or start a new career. By the end of this course, you will be able to offer your clients all the benefits of hypnosis, by becoming certified by one of the most notable and longest running hypnosis associations in the US. 


With Hypnosis of Nashville’s training in your toolkit, you can access the subconscious mind and achieve new therapeutic breakthroughs long before you could achieve them with more traditional methods.


That means you treat clients faster and make them happier. And, you are rewarded with more referrals, more clients, and access to a new market of people looking for hypnosis-based treatment.

Meet Your Teachers 

Barry O'Neill MSc, BA

Originally from Scotland, Barry O'Neill has been certified to practice in the US by the largest and oldest hypnotherapy membership organization in the world, The National Guild of Hypnotists. Having been cured of a needle phobia at age 17 using hypnotic techniques, he has had a life-long interest in hypnosis and the positive effects it can have on peoples' lives. 


Receiving his Bachelors and Masters degrees from one of the UK's top universities, the University of Stirling, Barry brings a professional approach to his hypnosis practice.


In addition to private sessions, Barry also teaches group weight loss seminars that help individuals move closer to their weight loss goals, as well as creating custom hypnosis seminars for groups and organizations.


Barry has run a successfully Hypnosis of Nashville in the local area for over 4 years helping hundreds of clients along the way. Barry also runs HypnosisFit a program centered on achieving physical goals through the power of the mind and has a partnership with L.A based celebrity gym Retrofit  


                                            is a Certified Hypnotist and Certified Instructor with the National Guild of Hypnotists. He has an undergraduate degree from Lipscomb University. He is also the founder of the Middle Tennessee Hypnosis Center where he has been in business 9 years where he has helped clients overcome countless different challenges. His practice is located in Murfreesboro, TN. 


"No matter if you are looking for a total career change or adding Hypnosis to your list of services, this class if for you! By the end of class, you'll have all the tools and skills necessary to hypnotize people professionally. I look forward to seeing you in class!


Class Outline

By the end of this course, you will have practiced hypnosis multiple times on multiple people.





Fundamentals of Hypnosis

A .What is Hypnosis? Facts, Fiction, History, & Cautions
B. Preliminary Suggestibility Tests
C. Preparing Clients for Hypnosis
D. Learn the Progressive Relaxation – A Guided Session
E. Perform Progressive Relaxation – Class Practice

How to Hypnotize

A. Different Types of Hypnotic Inductions – Progressive Relaxation, Doctor Flowers, Dave Elman/Rapid Inductions, Mental Confusion, Inductions for Children, & More.
B. Do’s and Don’ts
C. The Pretalk before hypnotizing a client
D. Depth Testing – Determining the depth of hypnosis achieved.
E. Doctor Flowers Method – A Guided Session.
F. Perform Doctor Flowers Induction & Depth Testing – Class Practice


Suggestion Management

A. What Kind of Hypnotic Suggestions You Should Give to Each Client.
B. Post Hypnotic Inductions – Simple & Complex
C. Perform Progressive Relaxation & Doctor Flowers with Suggestions


Suggestions Continued & Dave Elman

A. My Hypnotic “Equation” for Hypnosis
B. Pyramiding of Suggestions
C. Deepening Techniques
D. Dave Elman Induction Technique
E. Perform Dave Elman Induction – Class Practice


Hypnosis for Smoking, Weight Loss, & Stress

A .Important Factors when working with Smoking Clients, Techniques & Approaches
B. Discuss different techniques when working with weight loss clients
C. Stress Relief & Management Techniques
D. General Guidelines for Success with any issue – the GIFT System
E. Teaching Self Hypnosis
F. Perform Hypnosis on general issues – Class Practice


Age Regression Hypnosis – Finding the Root Cause of a Behavior, Emotion, or Symptom

A. When to do and not to do regression.
B. Regression Techniques & Variations
C. Proper Delivery of Suggestions for Regression
D. Proper Depth of Hypnosis to enable Regression
E. Perform Regression Hypnosis – Class Practice
F. Regression Technique Demonstration


Emotion and Pain 

A. The difference between working with an emotional issue and a physical issue
B. Working with chronic pain or severe pain
C. Verifying Anesthesia
D. The Esdaile State – The Hypnotic Coma
E. Preparing your clients or patients for surgery
F. Healing & Recovery
G. Classroom Practice


Hypnosis Misc

A. Working with Children
B. Hypnobirthing and Childbirth Hypnosis
C. Working with Sexual Issues
D. Referrals – when you have to have them
E. Ethical Guidelines of Practice
F. Other Hypnotic States – Hyper-emperia & Dave Elman Hypnosis theory and applications
G. Parts Therapy
H. Forgiveness Therapy
I. Stage Show Applications and Theory
J. Starting your own Hypnosis Practice & Business
K. Additional Techniques


Additional Information

Here are some other very important aspects about these classes that are covered in no particular order:

Hypnotize clients using multiple different induction methods (Progressive Relaxation, Eye Fixation, Dave Elman/Rapid Inductions, Breath Induction, Mental Confusion, Inductions for Children, & More)

The importance of the pretalk before hypnotizing a client

A socratic method for finding someone’s ideal person and the proper suggestions

Pyramiding of Suggestions

Deepening Techniques

Formulating Hypnotic Suggestions Correctly – Suggestion Management, Indirect Suggestions and Direct

Hypnosis to help people with: Smoking, Weight Loss, & Stress, Chronic Pain, and many more issues. Too many to list.

Removing Client Imprints/Blocks

Womb Imprints

Self Hypnosis

Working with Children

Going into the Light and what can be done there

Dimensional Levels of the Light and how to “move around”

Where Faith Fits In – How your client's faith affects their success and how that changes what techniques you use

ALL different types of spiritual hypnosis sessions and regressions. Everything will be presented in a neutral perspective.

Ethics/Legal aspects of Hypnosis

Starting Your Own Business 

Insurance Q & A

Marketing Q & A



The Class 
Next Class 
January 18,19,20
and 25,26,27 2018 
6 Day Course 

How To Pay 

Our course is on special for $1595 per person. Hypnosis of Nashville offers you multiple ways to pay for our Master Hypnosis course, including financing. Visit our online store to start your journey. 

If You would like to talk more about the course you can call Barry on 615-669-2367 or Ben on 270-495-0469
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